a bunch of flowers!

dark green 'stems'

They are not sewn yet, so those pins will disappear, I may embellish some more more when all attached.

Decided that I would use other textile scraps/other and get stuck into main creations even though I have free x 2 hands, the left one isn’t able-bodied all that well AND it let’s me know when I shouldn’t do certain things – repetitive or not!

Typing this with 2 hands but not well, the 2 far left fingers are now telling me to stop…

Still need the splint – for sleeping and going out and about – not a lot of movement in some of the wrist flexibility but feel it will return sometime

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when life changes

It’s going to be my 7 week anniversary tomorrow when things went badly wrong one morning BUT now from tomorrow I will have more freedom at home. Note home as indoors not out in the garden where I may forget to be mindful; or out on the town.

I can release my hand to the air whilst I do all kinds of things indoors. However I should still take an active exercise role as there is still a long to go to better hand movements.

This time Sophie understood about the tremor and how I deal with it daily, both now and before. Somehow I felt Sophie had lost administrative stern style and seemed softer.

So onward and upward!

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Less than 6 weeks

and it’s gone – the purple fiberglass cast!

replaced by a temporary black splint with lots of Velcro straps…. to begin the next stage in a few days time, physio

BUT no lifting for around 4 weeks when I have follow-up with Albert @ hospital clinic

feeling excited that soon can remove splint and have a really nice shower…

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Little box of Hope

box one box three

My test outdoor project – just went live!

And now it is now involved in rain – so the test fully underway

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It’s purple

No, not a bruise – it’s the colour of the fibreglass cast!

Actually, it looks just like a bandage except it’s kind of glossy and hard with a band of stretchy sox-like texture around the edges. I’ve had to use some fine grade sandpaper [via care instructions] to stop edges snagging clothing.

I got my knuckles back but that has made no difference to the inadequate power, I was so sure i would regain!

But it is lighter and therefore my elbow and upper arm feel there is less drag . . .

Tomorrow i will put through a little test – can/will it co-operate a little better in the art-making department – i.e. the outer cast configuration is little different.

In about two weeks time there maybe news on whether it’s a bit better – the only positive thing last Thursday was that the ‘bone off it’s perch’ had not made any further off-edge moves . . .

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We all know the feeling – the more we look – we try – other the worse it gets.

In my case, over the last 6 months I have tried to find a way to create a semi opaque/transparent layer – without spending a lot of money a package of maybe and maybe it won’t!

Every kind of paper/art kind of shop assistant says “yep, I know what you mean, but sorry we don’t stock it” and I leave with no further forward.

I then check out online entities, uTube vids and browse paper suppliers – something seems promising – then I find i can only buy it in a small package with numerous sheets.

And there is no guarantee that it may not work.


As you know things are done very slowly right now – and it is easy to make mistakes based who know what!

It wasn’t a full-on mistakes but it has led me to understanding that a tissue i have used in other ways – can be used for what I have searched for 6 months!

Still need to iron a couple of problems but I think it would be safe to say EUREKA . . .

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let the muse sing again

no longer in the choir

First piece

It wasn’t until I placed this upright that I noticed the old, semi-hunched, and retired singer


 altered book - first layer

The retired singer came from mostly sheet music

And this little book is to become an interesting but fragile reminder that grape vines are not to be tangled with

Another W.I.P.

old music

Third piece

These old and fragile sheets tear easily – great for the one-handed artist

The background substrate is an old pattern instruction sheet [pre-constructed]

Yet again W.I.P.

I re-began my art journey on Monday – but that was all words. Yesterday I said to myself – begin with what is on the work bench. In this case some old sheet music picked up from a freebie box, I just happen to know!


[Need to rethink that sooner rather than later]

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