New and Old Buds

bugger can’t load this…

so hopefully I can find the pictures – some will be blurred

blurred buds

these are old buds from outside that I retrieved yesterday and bundled as a bunch of flowers – blurred so…on a old wood shelving outdoors..

half buds new experiment

these are 1/2 buds i.e. I cut the wires in half to see what would happen – they are in polystrene and wedged between some bricks to stop them blowing away – outdoors


waiting to be sewn!

the fluffy buds

the lighter coloured mainly pastels, are fluffy as and are now sewn

sewn fluffy

the pastels all bunches for storage – using pony-tail bands to keep them “in order”

So that will do for today – really must rename files in a better way :-)

POSSIBLY WON’T BE BACK ONLINE FOR A FEW DAYS – will depend on engagements I will be at :-)

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Wednesday 2 Mangawhai

A Perfect August Day

Of course, yesterday was not perfect but today was!

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, Auckland weather is fickle as AND we have learnt that not all days will be created equal.

However, this morning was looking pretty good, there had been no frost to begin which always heralds a fine day but still it wasn’t looking like rain either. I left without my umbrella and walked in the sun to Portage Road carpark where at 9am a large tourist type bus appeared. Me and a crowd of others took off for a long trip north to Mangawhai.

Approx 2 and a bit hours later, picking up some others at various points along the way we arrived at Bennetts Chocolate factory. The group was split into two and I went with my group for a wonderful morning tea. After that we went on the tour, well actually more watching a few movies on the cocoa bean – solid block manufacturing and then one about their factory. We watched as woman in the factory showed us some skills in moulds and other things. One thing that intrigued me was the tap continually pouring chocolate out – and hers was the white chocolate, the dark chocolate was just running [staff on a break].

After we nearly all purchased more chocolate – we had been given some freebies. Nice ones, as I had to have them when I got home [problems were here when I got back].

Then we went to the historic Tavern and had fabulous meals – although there were some ordering problems which mostly got sorted out relatively fast. Although one woman who was sitting directly opposite me had to wait a long time – because something wasn’t sorted out initially! – and It still looks like the picture here!

Then it was off to the Museum which I had assumed would be some old cottage tucked away. But now this was a modern space which had been funded and built by the community and now was self-sustaining in everything needed.

Back on the bus at 3pm and arrived back in New Lynn at around 5.20. Traffic wasn’t too bad as we were going towards the city, when most workers were returning from city.

Great day out!

PROBLEM at home, not serious but it’s annoying because my neighbour in the front house “thinks” that utilising my driveway for his business and home needs – is a right! Usually when people drive me home from somewhere they shoot up my driveway because they can turn around – good thing the nice folk who bought me back from Portage Rd, agreed to drop me across the road…

PS I am not going to upload stuff now from home, because my Net connection has got to a state where I’m tired of it dropping in/out when trying to do “send/post” so will go to library services again until I can organise one in-house-here…

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The Round Hurdy Gurdy Closet

No closet space for me [history]

When I was married to a man with a lot of problems – health and more, my life was one of sheer hurry. Much of it was all about him, as you can imagine as he felt he couldn’t do a lot of things that other men did. Easy wasn’t one of his virtues and he demanded when maybe he shouldn’t have.

Our house was a 3 bed standard sort of place the bedrooms had tiny-as build in closets and there wasn’t much room for anything more than a set of drawers each.

Ex had lots of strange ideas; I didn’t apparently need drawers, let alone hanging space in the closet. He was the working man! I was working but I had to wear a uniform and it could easily hang in the laundry.

The Round Hurdy Gurdy

So at one point I had this round shelving unit and I had everything neatly piled on it. This especially after I stopped working – let’s not there, why, okay. But I did work but from home as a hand weaver and dyer and later in a 7day open studio space.

All my friends would take a bet on what I might be wearing on any one day. Nothing matched but I had a reputation for wearing extraordinary stuff, and it would work.

Why I had these clothes was funny, I would buy a bunch of t-shirts that caught my eye, I would have bright red trousers, yellow ones, pink ones, some with flowers, stripes – possibly similar in tops. I would wear extraordinary coloured sox, usually matching with brightly coloured sneakers – and then I might have tied to my long hair a different coloured band!

I always had to be fast in dress shops, ex got impatient easily so I grabbed rather than try on! It wasn’t actually a good way to be.

So how did I never get them [mis]-matched on a morning?

Well it would start after laundry day, & I would fold everything up and pile them on the round shelving unit. BTW the underwear was just as bright!

The morning was panic station, the ex – had special milk on his cereal that had to be mixed from powder in the blender and it had to be a certain heat. The toast had to be done nicely and all that stuff. And then he would leave. We had a herd of cats of course and they would be moaning and meowing at the door and he would be yelling at them and then at me.

It wasn’t a pleasant time, especially if his shirts weren’t ironed properly… or the milk was wrong! Okay he wasn’t a well man but he didn’t help himself [enough said]

A few years later there was a change of job and I had to drive him to work – in the rush hour and then I went to the studio. I repeated the drive in the evening. [He couldn’t drive because of some issues, let’s not go there, okay]

So I had to be dressed, I would grab the first set of duds and on they went! I didn’t have time to worry that they matched, I had to rush!

I actually loved those clothes; ex never ever moaned about what I was wearing, he seemed to live in his own little world.

THEN we split up.

A well-meaning other friend who didn’t agreed with my colour choices knew I should get a job and said I would need proper business clothes! It seemed like a good idea but I found myself mourning those coloured things. I do have some clothing that is “out there” including the now holey things BUT I think I might re-invent myself because they really need replacing!

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The old and the not so old

Old clothes V Semi-good Clothes

Yesterday, I came home from an outing and wanted to do some art-painting so I carefully took off my best duds and decided as it was still warm, I would work in my long-john thermals. At the end of that session, I found I had a large blob of blue paint on the thigh. I know it doesn’t matter because even if I was wearing a skirt, it was too high up to been seen!

But today, the new pink, but tinier blob on my semi-good outer top is going to be much more noticeable unless it washes out in the washer.

I used to put on old clothes every time I went to my studio; I know the value of my other clothing, of which I don’t have a lot of…

But since I broke my wrist and had to reschedule those same duds for every day wear, somehow I haven’t got back in kilter with those clothes. Those art clothes were from a time when I was a rather big lass – but they were too good to bin, so I used them for those other kind of jobs indoors! I sure didn’t wear them out of the house…

Of course the item with the pink blob on shouldn’t really be worn out either as it’s got quite a number of holes where holes shouldn’t be – but I like the colour, so because after I have put said top – I can’t see those holes behind, I wear it.

If I have a jacket or overtop on I’m okay but there comes a day where I’m too hot and then all is revealed. The other top that suffered a slightly different – seasonal set of holes has some knitted patches and most of my textile friends know that story…

Maybe later this week, I will relook at the basket and shelves that hold clothes and “reallocate” them to their correct rooms! And I seem to recall, I couldn’t get some clothes on at all, and they may have been stuffed back in the closet – will look at them as well.

Tammy, I’m not a closet or drawer kind of person – rather I throw things in either a basket or at a shelf – mainly so I can find them quickly. It has something to do with my past, with my ex and a house with very tiny closets!

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Creating Rose Black

Creating Rose Black

Of course you have no idea of the proposed finished outcome but to give a slight hint, it has to do with hearts!

I roughly drew up these heart shapes because I can’t decide which would fit RB best! Of course I’m not decided as it is. I think the rounded, more sideways heart might be better if it was fatter, but I was restricted by the paper size to start with.

The colours are indirectly part of RB but not quite in these shades, but at least I’m started.

The other pages are just playing around with mixing some other colours…


Were a whole less of a hassle, other than details about my Probian friend, Linda who died during last week. The funeral is tomorrow, short notice but I think many will still make it.

Saturday was 13 year old boys and soccer, great game although our lads never managed to score a goal, which was a shame. They were playing the top team from the rounds.

Sunday was again “out” but closer and to do with textiles so I was home just before 1pm. The space we were in was sunny as.23.8.15 colour trail RB

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Unfolding Friday

Why does Friday unfold differently?

Okay, let me start with – right arm not as painful. I made an extra effort yesterday not to push it and it may have worked. I also realised that lefty could do more with righty supporting. Okay not heavy things but certain regular things that righty have managed all on her own for months!

So where to start with how Friday unfolds [in no particular order]

My cell-phone rings and there is woman from Disability Living Support making no sense as she says “you just left a message on my answerphone”. Of course I did no such thing and I discover she wants to chat with Aroha W****. But before she hang up I said “I found it interesting that there was such a place, because I’ve been disabled all my life but have never found any help – rather I have soldiered on”.

My land-line decides to ring as well, and the news that one of our regular attendees at our leisure group meeting may have died. However, it is not confirmed but as both of them, a couple, and another woman friend didn’t even send an apology for Wednesday it is certainly looking that way. I am the youngest member of our club, I happen to be also the current President so everything is supposed to come through me, before it is broadcast.

In between, spread a palette load of my new paint colours onto a page in my visual arts diary – smear a lot more over other things. I need bilious green for part of the Rose Black art work…

Emails, are they the bane of our life or just entertaining:

Nothing from Cynthia today, maybe she found a way to delete me off her list. I’m sorry if you read this Cynthia but I’m not interested in your ramblings since you hit our small community with your revelations – many of which we already knew because of the way you have been treating Jean for the last year… Then you just put it further into the mire.

Art Mentor:  that I can use drop box for pictures to her, which will save money and time sending them by courier. It takes some days for things to go/be accessed/come back.

It’s very hard trying to tell a family member that if you’ve sick you should stay in bed, stay at home, rest. This family member sees herself “as I have too” and said “unless I can’t be out of bed, I’ll be there”. Time will tell, I’m out tomorrow to Bayswater Park to watch Milo and his team ace their soccer match.

Computer/Net: I fathomed out a way, hope it can be permanent, to have the Net not muck me around. Leave the whole thing going even when I’m not at the coalface. So far today, it’s working well…

Private online community for my Diploma: a wonderful WOW from someone who loves how I’m making the flowers and to some extent from Art Mentor.

And still on my list today is to phone big sis – getting washing off line, it will surely be dry it’s been sunny all day [not warm as one would like though] – sort out stuff for tomorrow and Sunday.

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You cannot hurry a new vintage

Especially for “those who argued for caution!

So you ask, “what has happened?”

My reply and possibly the physio, “overuse of the right arm whilst the left arm was taking an extended break in a cast”

So there you go and it seems that even doing the minor-erous of things at times is too tough! Lefty of course is not up to speed yet, so certain things have to be well thought out otherwise Righty is crying “STOP” – not always easy if you are doing some vaguely unstoppable easily.

I mentioned Rose Black last message and she is to unfold – but I have to sort out my colours as she moves through an unusual stage of her life in “paint” and “artistry” – but I have the idea mapped out on paper so it’s began. However, there is nothing to show here yet.

So life is still going to be up but the new vintage just needs a bit more time in the barrel!

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