A few pictures!

Yep, finally got batteries, rechargeable to boot! Tried to load these earlier but Net refused me the privilege of loading anything…

SDC12666 SDC12667 SDC12669 SDC12672 SDC12674

the “blackish” one isn’t quite like that – the light somehow flicked on to it and caused a white haze to appear – it’s very black with the beginnings of red stitching – WIP. I do not know where the other shots of some things  similar have gone? I may have put them in another folder…

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Hey, it’s Wednesday, already!

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday

First up still no pictures to load BUT that is only because I now have a battery rechargeable gadget and is finally doing its thing at a power point nearby!

However, it didn’t seem to be working when I plugged it. Yes, I had read the English instructions and looked at the pictures, but nowhere did it say “remove a tiny piece of inserted other material” – it now has the indicator lights showing – let’s use how long it takes to charge up! Woman assistant says they last forever, I guess what she meant was “how long is a piece of string”.


My art-bag left home on its journey down to the mentor, I was surprised at how much art I had been creating over the last 10 weeks since I broke said wrist and one week prior to that action. I did quite a lot of art-making on Monday including some new stuff, which is still heart related just in a different medium. Nothing has been completed as now it’s taking me far more time with lefty really not on full-strength.


During the last month I have been sifting and sorting a number of things up and it seemed that a lot of paper really didn’t need to be here anymore, so I put 5 carrier bags of paper out on the kerb for the recycling truck.

Then I decided I would go into the city library to look at certain types of book relating to our own heart, the one inside of us. It turned out to be less successful but all was not lost. I trundled around here and there – various inner city suburbs until I found myself walking along Dominion Road, the kind of road that stretches from just out of city limits to the sea.

I was feeling sad, that things were going well, when I spied in the distance a posh food store Nosh – so I went there to buy a nice cake and maybe other things. As I left the store, Billy was coming in. Billy Apple is a famous sort of artist born in NZ but found his fame mostly overseas. I know Billy; I met him through his wife Mary Morrison who belongs to one of my textile groups. I had a great chat with him, blocking the entrance ramp, about art-related things and learnt a lot about how to go forth in my own art-future.


Sitting down with the WIP stuff about which is now at the hand sewing end of things, feeling positive even though hard to thread a needle, holding said needle with lefty. Holding fabric and making a running stitch or three.

Then off to physio who says I’m making huge leaps in some areas including bending wrist backwards and holding things, strength is getting better – but must continue the exercises.

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ummm forgot to get batteries!

I did finally leave house on some errands but after I extracted some money from the machine, came right on home!

Will try to remember tomorrow, have it on my list…

Decided to dabble in some cloth, so a trip to basement room to see what fabric was close at hand. Took forever to cut up some hearts but do have 5 stitched down [starting process] on 2 small pieces of cloth and another lots pinned onto another piece of cloth.

Hands not working well together so everything twice maybe thrice as slow but happy with where I got to before I stopped – do not want to overdo things.

Art Bag on way to mentor and quite surprised how much I sent considering for the last 2.5 months not much had I thought I had achieved…

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No batteries therefore no pictures

No pictures, no spare batteries!

I’ve got the photos inside the camera but the day turned sour, rain came down, and I have preferred to stay dry and warm at home. Hence, I haven’t gone out to get more batteries, let alone take a walk!

I really should invest in a rechargeable sort of battery operation but every time I think about it, I’m at home and when I’m out I forget that idea and come home with a small packet of batteries.

Yesterday, Saturday went off to the first proper soccer match that my teen, great nephew is part of. It was held at Waikaraka Park which is the suburb of Onehunga/Te Papapa. A cross town bus could get me there which was good. When I stepped off the bus in Nelson Street, the park was directly opposite but crossing the road there would be a nightmare – so I made my way to a cross walk at some traffic lights. What I didn’t know was that the foot path wasn’t to be had and basically I had to either walk on wet grass or along the road edge. I didn’t which entrance was best so took the first one, ambling across two soccer fields where I could see the right coloured uniformed boys!

The lads from both sides were evenly matched so the score was a “nil all draw” there were some great near misses and both goalies were excellent in dealing a swift blow to the great kicks!

At the conclusion, I was dropped in the main street of Onehunga where I felt the need to have a tasty pie. It was certainly a well filled steak and vegetable pie and I know it was good because afterwards I was covered in the flaky pastry bits – yum.

Today, Sunday well as you can see it is now raining and in fact at this end of the day, it’s looks like it’s setting in. All I managed to do outside today was check letterbox as it usually fills with junk post. Inside, I’m not supposed to do terribly much art-making but somehow after I sorted out the rest of art-bag, which is leaving tomorrow I found myself dabbling with my drawing tools – it was fun though!


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Yesterdays’ art!

after the bomb

wrapping paper random

the first piece had the background blobs from an earlier experiment – I’ve added the fallout splashes yesterday

the second piece is actually being trialed as a wrapping paper and within it is some other art piece, that might never have been shown here at all…

Today’s’ art is still in the drying room, and then it will be looked at to see which way up – but one piece is looking very much like the origins of Dr Seuss “green eggs and ham” – except the ham is not!

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Deep Fog – Magic Follows

A Couple of Magic Words

Well it might have been a few more than a couple, because the phone call took up just over 30 minutes of my time this morning. My art mentor, Rachel is back from her holidays and was keen to get to the bottom of “things that are stuffing me around with my art-making”.

She has agreed that the outdoor art project can be abandoned and that I use the original “I love you – heart” idea as a way forward.

However, there seemed to be a bit of a problem on what I had proposed to do and what she believes I should do with it all.  I may not be able to resolve my thoughts but time will tell. I’m happy to potter along with her theme, whilst I resolve what I really had in mind as the preparation is about the same.  Just the end product isn’t.

Well, I was so inspired that I opened up my paint tubes, whisked out my brushes and got onto two basically prepared paper substrates and got them under way. Both I am happy with at this point [need more paint] and already they are both taking on shape. I then had another piece of semi-collage that needed some more paint but that is still drying as I needed some bigger blobs. A few other things got preparatory paint under coats.

I then took a few hours break, and came back to my art table and played with some glue, my scissors and some coloured pens and pencils.

Tomorrow I might photograph and then load some pictures as that is the way I plan to operate for a few weeks until my hand gets less agitated with repetitive movements.

[Deep fog refers to the start of today, New Lynn was cloaked in fog, whereas Waterview a couple of km away was not!]


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Gorgeous weather, Gorgeous Food

Mid-Winter Luncheon

I woke to sun attempting to stream through my closed curtains and boded well for the rest of the day!


This winery hosted our mid-winter luncheon which I basically organised through a series of emails with the functions centre. The reason I organised is that it is one of my jobs that I’m entitled to do as president of my local combined Probus club in New Lynn.


We are located in District 10 and I just noticed that the secretary is incorrect but right now I really couldn’t care less. As per usual I note they have spelt my surname incorrect but yet again it might cause a riot if I said so!

[I suspect you can see I’m slightly off-key with things at the moment, a long sad saga within, which the club in the main do not know, but may get some inklings that “stuff at the top” is not great when they read my next input into newsletter]

Back to the luncheon – glorious venue with sun streaming into the function room – everyone seated at circular tables [jostling a bit when holding plates] – friends old and new together.

Food was buffet style and you could choose [or take a bit of all] from sirloin steak, battered fish or a vegetable frittata, roast potatoes and hot vegetables – sauces, side breads. After everyone has eaten it was time for dessert – tiramisu, tropical fruit salad, Pavlova, bread/butter pudding – cream, custard. In addition there was fresh coffee and tea. Of course being a winery you get a glass of wine. And because fiasco mentioned above, I decided to have a red wine [forget brand] – but lovely!

Some came by car, whilst others including me took the bus. I was one of the last on both times, guiding my people safely on and talking with stragglers. My companion on the bus has turned out to be a hoot and only because she can see my current struggles with the committee and some other busybodies – I will stay as top dog until my term is up next March. My companion is the treasurer & we laughed most of the way back over some of those struggles, the committee member who causes the most strife and for why!

And so I ate the vegetarian mains, and didn’t have the fruit salad nor the bread/butter pudding – I enjoyed what I ate and that was the main thing. I talked people into writing a couple sentences on whether they enjoyed the venue and the food and generally tried to be affable even when I wanted to wring a few necks!

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