progress Saturday

I had just got home from an end-of-year event when it appeared that some of the folk that was addressing earlier in the week came to remove, move and rearrange “junk” in my garage. Of course none of you saw it at any point but there was very large couches – near the pipes!

First picture is me standing at the door looking in…on right the stacked goods behind the brick uprights – a kind of “wing”…

lower left, the back wall is about 12” behind me, middle I’m in the centre back with about 3′ behind me – and course ’em pipes [see next paragraph]

I have included the pipes because my landlord employed an idiot who didn’t align the pipes quite as one expects…it would be easy to dislodge them if you were using garage under intended use!

it might be hard to see but where the 3 bricks are – under and out to garage door is the “grid wire” for a bit of run through with some flowers/carpet experiment…

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Them pictures!

I believe the stand might have been to hold a wine bottle – it was a dirty kind of brown – quite well made but probably a cheap wood. I scrubbed it with a wire pot mitt though various layers of paint. Paint just slapped on. The label has to be attached so that the potential buyer can see it all easily. The bunch of flowers is just perched in the cut out, as there isn’t really anywhere to attach said flowers.

And you saw “Entangled” the other day but just re-showing as a reference. I have more of this “rope” available and I will knit some more as of course I have come up with a spiffing idea for a slightly different piece!


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Art show pieces complete

I can enter two pieces of art in the Sensational Summer Art Show which is actually “cash and carry” so I could be asked to provide more if I was lucky enough to attract a few buyers during period Dec 3-Jan 17.

I have finished the actual art-making but I still need to work out where to put the labels.

One piece is titled

“A Bunch of Flowers”

The other piece


Neither can be more than $300 which must include the gallery’s commission and they can’t be larger than 1.2 m square – these are well within those limits.


“Entangled” ended up shorter than I thought it would be. The reason was allowing the community to help me make the knitted cord and obviously a helper didn’t know how it should be, I had to cut maybe a meter off the length. However, it still works but I would like to make a much longer cord next time and I do have more cord just not for now.

The stand for “A Bunch of Flowers” was a magic find at the local op/church shop but it needed a bit of a spruce up. Instead I decided to make it shabby chic with dabs of paint, dried and then scratched and more layers repeated. It looks suitably shabby IMHO. It is a separate stand, so that the buyer can formulate their own way to display the flowers.

I will post pictures maybe tomorrow as I need to stop looking/fiddling with them for the rest of today!


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One tangled dancer!

These are just one strand – randomly tangled – not quite completed the hooking mechanism!


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some experiments…

bunch at front

this will more than likely go into the forthcoming show – a great find at the local op-shop – will clean up “stand” and make it look shabby chic

needs handy man but these are loom parts

this will need a handyman – but this is actually a good idea as there are loom parts and my thought is to have the pieces hinged permanently together and a metal “loop” to hold the bunch in place. My usual handyman is a tad busy with another art project so this is for another time

has potential, also loom parts but will not take weighted item

All of these are also a loom accessory part – and although it’s got potential yet again my skills are zilch – it will stand like this – but add weighted flowers and it’s a goner!

finally nothing to do with flowers as such but this was a trial and today I’m going to make something similar but different…


and how you can change it’s viewpoint


it’s a knit tube that has a fairly strong wire though it – and then a loop made and with addition of a nice jewelers wire gives it some class…

Will load pictures of all finished items – sometime soon…


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NZ Sports!

Everything is all about rugby and at times cricket – how good we are playing these games.

But so often our ┬ábest players in what is deemed for the diehard ruby fans are overlooked. I can take or leave it on these type of things – it’s just a game that some like to play together…

Check you Lydia Ko – don’t forget to look at her vintage…

Not bad for youngster IMHO

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A “Bit” of a Storm

Overnight to boot, the day hadn’t been crash hot – I still got to school boy cricket but by the time I got home in the late afternoon the weather was closing in some more – THEN whamo – it got really going overnight..

Today as little hectic weatherwise but still not great!

Spring…’nuff said!

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