Not the Locks

Well indirectly it was “the locks” but from a different point of view – new contractors to reinstate the interior of the “soot and fire” invaded space.

Hopefully the wheels will start to move faster although the contractor did say “I can’t tell you what we will do as we have to submit our quote to the council”.

However what I can tell you finally the higher ups in my committee have decided that their initial thoughts of minor and no claim/insurance have been changed. Now it seems that some of the things I did v what should be done are being questioned! I have plenty of evidence from other older members that “they can basically bugger off”.

The higher ups think that just putting the stock back on shelves will mean I get back to retailing and sales BECAUSE this year I am do not have the $$ available to pay the insurance – contents etc AND they think it will be a piece of cake to be back in the $$.

It’s not going to happen all that fast because our prime time is just before WINTER, during WINTER when their woolly supplies run out – now we are in wind-down mode for SUMMER RECESS!

Tomorrow it’s see hand specialist


hope he can explain some niggley problems I’m having with said arm/hand!

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A bit of painting

Just for a change!


I was starting here, see those kind of squares, an idea of Mentor to make some colour chart idea…


this was the waste paper but somehow it became the beginnings of more


WIP quite like the effect I got here inadvertently


I had to leave the painting to get some better painters tape – laid on and then more paint applied – took of tape and added some violet lines – WIP


I was going to put the painters tape on this one but thought it needed a bit more paint – next time – WIP


laid over paint blobs – something I like doing but also shifted paper whilst on paint blobs – feels a bit like a waterfall – WIP


when I use paint blobs/layering I often end up with interesting object – “heavenly dancing cherubs” – maybe but long way to go before I realise anything

Great day away from the blooms…

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Experiment for Blooming Carpet

The main component are a bunch of blooms created with the aid of 2 main items – a wire heddle from a loom AND the wrapped woven material – at one end.

Creating a carpet that reveals the whole heddle a bit like looking at the cross section of a mattress or similar.

I want the heddles to look free standing and the cardboard in the trialing is representing here an invisible barrier as such.

The heddles although wire are extremely flexible and the base-end is rounded so they do not like to stand in line or even still. I look at them in a row – slightly touch another and they are tangled.

So what to do. Looks like 3 together might work

on side with 2 linking boards

photographed on side as they will not stand, they won’t even “lean”

heddle x 3 & 5

more than one attached to anothersingle heddle 2 single heddle single heddle3

see how we can tangle as singles!
trying 2 make heddles x 3 stand

using combi 3s in original cardboard to see if they would stand en mass – they won’t. But probably to do with the now well creased cardboard.

There is a potential here and I thought of a nifty idea after this session – so maybe more to play with

so this will give you an idea on how the “top” could look like – using yet again metaphor of weaving and making a colour draft as the “carpet top”

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The Unconvention

Quote within an email:

We can’t wait to see you at The Unconvention in Auckland this Sunday, 27 September. 

You are about to experience the largest event for entrepreneurs in Australia and New Zealand, and best of all it’s FREE to attend – why not invite your friends and share this incredible day with them? 

Our lineup of successful entrepreneurs will inspire them to take action on their dream, delivering tips and advice to avoid the common pitfalls of entrepreneurs.

So what are you waiting for? Do your friends a favour and invite them to the Unconvention! <end quote>

The Entourage is the business end of this show, Australian to boot but I won’t hold it against them, because I could be there for “FREE”

For me, it was a refresher, a reminder and a chance to see what the young ones were doing business wise. Were they really making millions or what?

Yep some definitely have made a mint and have sold up assets to do other things, sometimes to retire at the princely age of 30!

At times I thought the people were actors as they scooted around the stage talking up a storm about how you now have to have all these modern gadgets, apps and the like IF you are SERIOUSLY want to fly to the moon. And on the way make millions of $$.

There were giveaways but you had to be able to catch them as they were flung into the audience. Another giveaway had to be via your Twitter account! [I don’t even have a smartphone so I couldn’t] and they draw the prizes after the morning tea break.

I hadn’t planned to be there all day and I don’t think I missed much – I left around mid-arvo as I had a long trip back home.

Tomorrow hope to tell you about the

blooming carpet that is strangely

going well

experiment-wise :-)

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Locks with Goofy, Life with George

Locks, & George

Let’s get the lock saga off the agenda for now! Apparently when he came back to remove [err rip it off] he commented to George “oh I did lock it up?” He obviously thought we were a bunch of sillies who didn’t understand an “unlocked lock”. We got there today and finished up the job of removing almost any moveable item that we 2 ladies were capable of doing!

Now you might be wondering who “George” is?

As I have often talked about him over the lock saga.

George is a homeless man by his choice and he lives outdoors most of the year round. He and a mate share the residence they have got for themselves at our Spinners/Weavers headquarters. They never come into our spaces unless we invite them in – usually when we need a hand to move something awkward or big.

George has a number of bins that he stores his gear in and today when he returned we told him his friend has put a large container of corned beef in one – and that he would fire up their little stove and make him a feed this evening.

Before you say, did George set the place on fire?


Definitely not his style!

He had gone off with his mate to get some dinner, probably burger/chips, locally – came back and found the place crawling with fire brigade and cops!

He told the police that he had lived here 8 years and if he had wanted to – he would have done it years ago – and he loved all the ladies.

He is particularly fond of Shirley who used to make him a huge mug of coffee on Tuesday nights [not so much nowadays because of his mates/cooking].

And he has a soft spot for me. Yesterday, he found I know some swear words and today he said to me and Alison that I seemed a lot happier today. You see I dearly wanted to kick the windows in myself so we could get in! And he was trying his best to calm me down, especially after my swear words!

On the first Tuesday after the fire, he rushed up to her and said “Shirley, I didn’t start the fire…” Shirley had no idea was he was talking about but was soon in the picture.

Next post will be on the

Unconvention and my blooming carpet

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quick update on LOCK

Gifford Gallery is either closed forever or they have closed for school holidays – they should have then changed their answerphone message and website…

If I ever catch up with them, I will tell them for sure!

So I phoned property lady to request – get Goofy [no I didn’t say his nickname] to “rip the darn lock off again” and have it done by tomorrow at 10am!

Otherwise call me on my cellphone and explain why NOT…of course I doubt if he can put it back on before Gifford Gallery reopens but time will tell…

Other: had an interesting day out catching up with staff I know around Uni, some of whom know about my recovering arm. I may have other news on matters of study, when Directors of Humanities gets to my request…

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Part 3: Goofy mainly!

Yep, you thought, surely no Part 3!

Well it seems that what Goofy relays to the President is not what he does.

He contacts her that what he has done is left the new 2nd top undone so there will be no need for the working bee ladies to be in a quandary.

What he actually does is he – yep, you can tell what I’m going to say – is that he LOCKS it up nice and secure.

That shouldn’t have been a problem because we knew Goofy had LEFT SAID KEYS at the Gifford Gallery.

They are open Tues-Frid 11am – 3pm according their website.

Today is WEDNESDAY and what do you know they were solidly LOCKED UP when we arrived just after midday!

So we have had just endured aborted trip #2. I shall bus over tomorrow morning and get said “bloody keys” and then on Friday me and my best buddy will make the effort to try it all over again!


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