Building a “fence”

My skills at building fences with whatever I have hanging around, isn’t all that crash hot and it may mean that the first big vehicle up the driveway will destroy it!

Yesterday, after a very quiet weekend, a large 4 wheel vehicle arrived at their gate (as shown in the picture) but rather than push/open they walked around it, the boundary peg and trampled yet more of my plants!

So I had this brainwave, even though, my landlady has been this weekend, I know how fast they do not act, I emailed her to say “I’ll trim and tidy, and make a fence!”

I have spent a few hours off and on today building a “fence” 

(later today, a neighbour will pound those metal sticks in a bit more) but on the whole, it would be better to have a few more metal sticks then I could use the black sticky tape I have used across the back. To make the thin black cord more noticeable found I had this pretty red/white stuff so it’s obvious that something is there!

Later that same thin black cord, may get some paper hearts which part of the next installation (before the big boxes) which is a heart-felt celebration to mourn the loss of both the branch and the paper heart when they were killed by a chipper!


my white metal pole is well within my section – there bendy white with red tipped stick is actually behind it and I’m only attached to the so called earlier marker/fence post and then I’ve strung it on to the next post – through a camellia that has survived/just…

You really can’t see the thin black cord on the driveway but those plastic bows are tied to the top one…

2016-05-02 14.40.06


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Simply Leaves (not much more)

Because of the back garden and my funk about it all – I have decided that when I can I will do something out there, or cut and bring in…

What is also making me unhappy is the background (like over the fence) greenery gone. Most days it’s different coloured trucks, various men, machines and now a whopping great big concrete “drain” – so that anything I do make must be “right on the ground” none of this panning the scene.

It will help me “heal” or somethink!

Because I can’t seem to make the show into a proper slideshow (not the right tools on this gadget) I have made a pdf – hopefully it will work here.

Simply Leaves

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It’s white & it’s a Stick

It was always a bit rough looking in that part of the garden, it got very little sun from the surrounding trees – especially from the other property – so we turned into a kind of green area with these kinds of leafy plants which just grew at their own pace.

Now it all looks sunny – all trees gone on both sides..

It was another gorgeous Autumn day…

(have them temp fences to keep people off construction sites & to warn they could fall, trip/other )

2016-04-26 12.04.30

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A little heart, a nice white stick!

The title of this post is totally unrelated – but as they both occurred today, they are together. There are a few nice white sticks BUT one in particular is entertaining and interesting…


And so I put away my buds (as in garden) and took out more buds but for something more indoor and inserted them into a little heart shape. When I had placed them through the coreflute & the sample wooden heart – discovered – just how wrong the guy got the initial measurements – so the little heart has been placed on another object (not related) so that the wire/buds can stand.


Well it seems that I was indeed right the “bent metal stake” that the demolition guy said was the “boundary” isn’t. In fact it’s about 1.5 metres to the right of the true boundary marker.

Which means if it had been in place over the last 2 weeks – there would have been no getting any truck up and into the section! 

Yep, I’m emailed my land-gal about the new information…including that it appears that all the trees/shrubs on actual driveway may well be in our section – therefore, all that hacking through, should have gone through them/us. Not just hack away merrily…


First I see the guy looking at boundary marker, then I see him actually touching it – as does Marshall (from over the fence, we were on the phone together…), then guy is obviously mentally sizing it up and driving past it, requires care/attention. The guy leaves his digger and then takes about 3 go’s to get himself,  his van and his trailer out onto the ROW inching past the new boundary marker!

2016-04-26 11.20.28




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Lookee here, the whole 15

I have now managed to individualize the whole caboodle and put them in an album!

Towards the end of today, I put all the objects, the materials, some of the tools and sundry other things together in one corner of the living room, and of course the wrapped tiles are also in the living room.

Hoping that sometime this week – I will sort out “who goes where” – but I’m still in a funk about the back garden and it’s now less greenery viewpoint…

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orange, wrapping,surprise

some more sneak preview – but one lot you can’t even see, as the glass tiles are wrapped to keep them secure! the orange sticks are for the garden as well, I have around the same number left to wrap – some may not be orange

and the surprise happened when I finally took the returned exhibits out of their posting bag and found this note attached!

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Old->New Picture theaters, New Lynn

One of my favourite f/book people is “timespanner” who links us to all kind of old pictures, and other such ephemera about NZ.

Today, found this short video about going to the “flicks” through the ages around here.

The 2nd Village Force cinema building is still with us including the “reel-on-roof” but it’s a furniture store. I have been in it lately but had all kinds of strange levels, as if you might find yourself entering an actual theater.

(note that Delta Ave, was originally called Bollard Ave – and where the current building is – now on Great North Road. and about 1/2 block down Delta Avenue starts – which is the street I live in – but further down near Veronica Street)

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