Diploma end postponed

I have a medical certificate to say not fit to work/school until next week!

It was a crazy day yesterday, when my heart was racing and fluttering and I finally thought that with the added dizziness etc, I should take a walk across the road the the medical center. It was found that my BP etc was off the wall!

After a long time there, with bloods and other tests – the good doctor (not) decided I had infection and would need antibiotics! The infection I have has definite symptoms AND I “don’t” have any of them…but the good doctor said “the results show this”!

We can’t argue with the results CAN WE.

When I returned this morning, I really couldn’t get silly man to try and sort out the BP meds which I’ve been having problems for months!

All in good time, because I think everything is caused by this infection – to which I replied then I’ve had it for YEARS (that how long BP has been off key) and he basically said “don’t be silly”

So I’ll try and get my art finished next week…show you the results – on 2nd thoughts I do have the outdoor installation done and it’s been accepted. Sorry about the picture it was the best I could do…

open window

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going AWOL

certain art objects are apparently needing more attention – doesn’t matter why – will be back sometime next week!

In case you didn’t see the garden pond here it is…


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Phew, just 2 things left to do!

I can’t release “the hedge visitor” as I have decided not use that aspect in quite the way I had in mind:-)

And as for the wonderful metaphorical and enchanted magical garden – well things kind of went up in a puff of smoke. 

I had what some might call a bad hair day – I started with such gallant plans, placed a few of the decorative boxes about, sorted out the orbs and “snowballs” and then got into a funk!

Tore out the decorative boxes and they won’t be out there – oops sorry one stayed out there it somehow find a little spot between the snowballs.

I moved the stream to fit between the snowballs and the hearts!

Even though it has panned out kind of okay – it’s so small I may as well, abandoned the whole caper.

So now it’s bud making for the “carpet” and then another piece of writing to do with something else!

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Out of the hedge – came…

So you probably thought – what kind of crazy idea has she come up for the garden installation.

Well this morning around 10.30, out of the hedge came the most wondrous faerie that could emerge into my garden. She was clothed in purple, just the sort of colour for such a faerie and she kept bringing gifts!

Finally the gifts were done and faerie disappeared back into the hedge, to who knows where!

2016-05-16 09.33.24 You will have to wait and see where the gifts ended up!


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Meandering Stream

But first up – I took apart the orange web and buds – I found that I didn’t like the buds BUT loved the sticks. At least the mentor has a picture. Somehow me and the current garden are not happy.

I’ve thought of something else

…a rather crazy idea, but I need to get something very silky and shiny

…b something just as crazy and will dance if there is wind, but also I need to buy the dancing objects and compose them

oh made another Mandala!

So what to do about the glass tiles?


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A couple of finished ones

Well as finished as I think they can be!

Drawing – a series to be read as more or less one “Fields to Hills” using various pencil mediums.

Design/3D – these are the sample(s) which might have got me through to Phase 2 of the “headland Sculpture on the Gulf” also showing the under-wires  (not well shot, but that is because my head/camera is around 1″ off the ground). These particular heddles which I have “had” to be used are not the best in this grid – I really needed a stronger heddle, but it can’t be helped.

Because the small wooden frame was also not created properly – it is raised a little (temp sticks) because the heddles are basically just hanging through the coreflute heart shape.

Also making some more for Mandala series but not done today..

Painting – still  not right – photography-wise…

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Small starts today…

Well all the main sneezing has gone but I’m not crash hot – so today is about “small starts” – some of which were started months ago but in a way they are still “small in-betweens”

I looked at my Memorial Hearts to the Broken Branch saga and didn’t like how it is was looking. I didn’t want to take a photo and have the demolition/house development standing in the background – so I took some down.

I decided to extend the hearts on the ground ratio…this is the start.

(It’s not been a bright day here, dull with drizzle so it maybe hard to see them, there will be more laid soooooooooooon)

Then it was time for lunch! (oh before that went and did some easy food shopping)

After lunch I tackled a few other things:

got out my hot glue gun, set up a bench and the object – a heart made with coreflute which I had already stabbed the textile buds in – got that all glued up nicely. Then reliesed should have fixed the edges before hand – a real little patchwork happened (photo will be done when other heart shaped sorted…)

Fiddled around with some painting presentations but they need some more thought…a bit boring on the white background. I may have to think out of the box!

Another Mandala “Flitter By” 

The twigs were for something else, but they didn’t work well, so they were torn off – hence they just happened to be close by…

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