Fun, and even the game…

Today is the final of our many public holidays that we relish particularly in January. Because Waitangi Day fell on Saturday it means that businesses [well some] can have another day of rest.

I had thought it might be quiet around here, and it was for the most part.

First up though some folk who bought a radio/CD/cassette player – of which only the radio really works, said they would be there soon. Soon never occurred, possibly because they wanted a text from me. I’ve not got long text mode in place yet with new gadget so I had emailed them.

Soon, became this evening, obviously when they had looked at their email account. It is always interesting to off load something on the “buy now” feature via our TradeMe website because you never know when that will happen. Having the cash was also nice, and getting rid-of said medium sized older gadget even better.

I then decided I could take another item/photo with gadget, which I did…but in the process of transferring to computer, delete happened. Took ages to scroll down the recycle folder.

Until around 5ish all was quite on my western front – first it was the mower for the large vacant property behind. He had a god awful domestic lawn mower so he was out there for well over 2 hours.

Then my neighbour/J at front started something up – possibly a weed eater, [I went to check if inadvertently they had borrowed mine, no still here]. His son was doing the “eating” but there were all kinds of odd noises/crashes until I heard J say “what are you doing?” at some point son started swearing and then I watched as he flung down something and went inside. J has now been out there – crashing and swearing etc for at least an hour. There back area is completely cluttered with all kinds of things. So nothing is going to be easy peasy…

He did ask me a few weeks ago if he could borrow my mower, and I casually mentioned that my grass could do with a mow, and walked off. Martin [works there] later said “could he borrow my mower overnight and then he would mow my lawn”… he also said that J he said “typical always wants us to do things for her…” to which Martin said to me “you already do too much for us, the cars in the driveway, the furniture in your basement and then me in your garage fixing cars”

Actually, I can mow my own lawn – it works up a sweat, I get some exercise as well…I love to see how fast I can mow my shoebox with only a few obstacles, a few trees, some bricks, and pole from rotary clothes line.

As an aside, the fun has been more “blooms” – I am on a roll and enjoying the process… Every so often I think I’ve cut up all the scraps, then more appear. These are the ones for the frame [still AWOL with C] but hopefully soon I can say “I’m ready and waiting” – hopefully by end of this week…

Anyway J has visitors and I can hear him raving on about the good things in life, so I’m outta here until next time…

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Oh me, oh my!

Well, I went even further into the 21st century with my new gadget, today. I found that the tech guy next door couldn’t help me last evening but his co-worker could today. Evan was great – I am now able to be online and do things!

I added a few extras including a screen/breakage protector and the lowest priced case which happens to be black so will not stand out for a thief, IMHO.

Of course, I’m not doing this on said gadget – it would take a million hours to type just one paragraph. However, I did reply to an email – which didn’t involve a paragraph!

It was actually very easy to be online, especially since we walked part up my driveway and my own wi-fi kicked in. I have no idea why I thought I couldn’t do it <g>

Still much to learn but for now, content I’ve got calendar, to do reminders and even alarm sorted out, along with texting and email. Probably a few other things. I suspect the next thing is to learn how to “photo direct to f/book” – that will no doubt be a learning curve.

But FLOWERS take preference at the moment and I’m on another roll today – there isn’t any sun and there is a wonderful breeze – so all is well my world…

I just realised it is Friday again, these short weeks even for a homebody catch one out…tomorrow is Waitangi Day [basically a NZ-day] for the whole country. It usually comes with a political stance of one kind or another, sometimes with violence which always turns ugly – hoping that the weather which is predicted as rain, slows down the people involved…

On Sunday, Zoo group meets and that is not political or animal based at all, other than the human kind – their spinning wheels, their looms, their knitting et al. It’s always fun and we get to set the world to rights all around the room…

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First photo transferred

okay it’s not transferred directly to f/book from gadget yet, as I’ve not set up “online” but I did work through how to transfer via USB cable. It’s not a great photo but then again that had nothing to do with the gadget – more to do with the human and her trembles!

I took another photo of some dyed sliver but that’s been deleted – talk about a swift jerk!

About 30% of these created in the last 2 days – I have to do a lot of catching up but I’m happy where it is at. A little cooler today, a fabulous swirling through the house breeze so makes working with wool and sewing needles nicer.IMG_20160204_135246As you know I have to bundle them as they love to misbehave if they are not together – with a familiar or friend….corralling is needed as well, hence they are dwelling in a banana box

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It’s February already!

Of course, February will be even shorter than January and in NZ we have another public holiday next week. That means 2 x 4-day weeks for most business entities.

I am gearing up to getting back to the school of hard knocks – ART making. Of course, it’s not hard it’s actually interesting.

This morning I went kicking and screaming into the 21st century and coughed up a number of $$ to get a smart phone and some accessories that apparently I would need. I still haven’t fathomed out all it’s apps and capabilities but I finally managed to remember which icon was for the text-system.

At the same time [not in same store] I took time to deal with banking review and that was quite entertaining when you realise that “bankers” must have different mindset on how much debt you have with them or anyone else! Of course, that is why they make the real money charging like a bull to get the biggest %-return. I re-jigged my accounts, in my best interests and so all is good in my world.

Whilst I was at the Mall, they were announcing that there wasn’t any water and the employee in one store, came back saying only 2 toilets working – very long queue. I don’t think any of the food places could have kept going but I didn’t wait to find out – I went home to my own water supply!

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Butter! Flax Rose

The flash butter dish is sold – it’s still here, but payment has been made.

Today, dawned as it has for many weeks – bright and hot – some light fluffy white clouds but it would probably be a scorcher. As I hadn’t been out of the local area on my own for about a week, this was the day to do it. And to make it even better today, Sunday is part of a 3-day weekend – tomorrow is Auckland Anniversary Day. Each region adopts different days as their day.

I had heard there was a cricket at Eden Park but I bypassed that and traveled into Britomart rail station with many others. Including a very interesting older man who had been involved in super-yacht manufacturing in Italy a number of years ago – until the bubble burst and companies disappeared. He and his wife and a grandson together on train, with me sitting next to Grand-dad. The young man was born in Italy and hence he can be called up to serve in the army when he is older!

Downtown Auckland was busy – a small interesting cruise ship in – hopefully my photo will load [w/press has caused me some problems recently]. The scene around the cruise ship is part of todays events – Ports of Auckland showcasing their wares, including these naval fast boats – churning up the waters between two wharves.

the picture of the young man with his guitar was playing on stage but because I wanted to show entertainment from 2 avenues, you have caught him twanging his machinery – to the right of him is the usual long trail of people viewing a naval frigate [?terminology]. I didn’t do that – I instead climbed into a double decker bus and took a tour of some of their other wharves including a huge container ship – loading more onto its overfilled top decks; a mountain of imported cars, vans, RVs and a range of tractors; various other important bits of information filtered into my head space until the commentator told us that even super yachts are occasionally loaded.

How did she know I had been talking to Grand-dad on the train about super yachts!

Before I did all that, I happened upon a team of people making Maori crafts and I ended up with this gorgeous rose when I was telling her how I hadn’t made flowers but I had made quite a few vessels under the tutelage with Don Solomon – they were impressed and hence she continued as we talked to make me this rose!

I then inadvertently did a lot of hot walking when I wanted to go to the fish market and get some fish/chips – in the heat – which has meant I’m absolutely knackered but if I fall asleep now, I will be awake in the middle of the night – so keeping busy with here blog!

I still don’t have the new smart gadget but I did remember my digital camera – although I took the flax rose picture at home.


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just a few hearts

just a few hearts on a dirty old shirt

well no it’s not truly dirty the shirt, it just got painted that way on purpose!

Enjoying creating new pieces with old papers – the hearts were once abstract monster leaves – although before that they were pages from the local throwaway rag.

now looking at all the saved bits of paper, interesting or not, over painted or not, and cut in new ways.

the dress is getting there!2016-01-29 11.41.47

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Flower-power dress

And the dress has gone from being all delicate, now has a backing due to some other items including a sleeve finding their way onto some brown paper…

“Sleeve will make an appearance” in the fullness of time.

And so today making abstract flower shapes – love the process of taking other bits of collage paper and creating something  else.

Still WIP but at least it’s work…

these new works relate to both the garden and the “I love” hearts – I have decided I do better when I do “big” rather than trying to do fussy and small…

Jan 27 Wet Dress WIP

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